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Organic Diet of Children

According to international research, there is a connection between the cognitive development of children and eating organic foods.

Lead author Jordi Júlvez, working with academics at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, explained it as “Organic foods are richer than fast food in nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, which are essential for the brain and which, when consumed together, can improve cognitive function in childhood.” True, we all want our children to eat organic foods. Well, but how? Let’s examine “How organic foods should be, how can we understand organic foods?” together.

There is no GMO in organic foods.

Babies who are fed organic foods are protected from toxins.

Organic foods have high nutritional values.

Babies are protected from disease risks thanks to organic foods.

Organic foods are delicious.

Organic foods are the most natural foods you can give to your baby and child who start complementary foods after breast milk.

Why organic foods?


Organic foods are foods which are produced by using organic farming methods and do not contain GMOs and additives. In recent days, the unconscious use of both pesticides and fertilizers has led to the emergence of products that threaten human health, although it causes an increase in agricultural products.

How can we understand whether organic food or not it is?

Actually, it is the hardest question to give an answer. Why? Because we can not understand it just by looking at. However, it need to have a “NON-GMO” label.

The effect of organic food in child development

The researches have shown that hormones cause damage to DNA and can cause many diseases. For this reason, especially expectant mothers should eat and children eat organic foods. Because children, babies and pregnant women do not have the structure to tolerate these damages.

Why organic foods for children especially?

In fact, not only children, but everyone should be fed organic food if possible. Yet, we can say that this situation is much more essential for children. Because eating clean and organic food is one of the most important points in healthy growth and development of child. The first 3 years of life is a very sensitive period in terms of brain-nervous system development. Especially in this period, babies/children should be fed organically. This recommendation also applies to the following ages.

Organic foods are delicious

Contrary to expectation, organic foods do not have bad tastes. Unlike, the rich nutritional value reflects on its taste. The smell of organic wild strawberries and the flavor of organic blackberries are very different from vegetables grown in traditional agriculture. Vegetables and fruits that grow spontaneously, in their natural environment and on healthy soils are very rich in terms of both vitamins and minerals. So, you can observe how your children eat hungrily when they try “real organic foods!” However, we will give a few suggestions for you to make this process as easy as possible.

Tell Your Children About Organic Food

Children can be hard in diet issue. In this situation, it is very possible for them to stay away from healthy foods and turn to junk food. To prevent this, you should give information about organic foods and instruct your children.  While doing this, it would be the right way to talk to children about the harms of ready-made foods and the importance of healthy foods. Yet, it is important to use a proper language while doing it. Important issues such as cholesterol and blood pressure will not make much sense for children. You can have him watch informative cartoons or documentaries about nutrition.

Try Organic Snacks

In order to get the best efficiency from organic nutrition, you should turn into a lifestyle. So, it is important to reach organic foods fast and easily. Wherever we go, we find snacks filled with chemicals. Organic nutrition can become difficult, as children constantly see these snacks.

You can make your child’s diet funnier by preparing delicious organic snacks. To prepare organic snacks, Garisar Organic Jams can be a good option.

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