Garisar Organic Rosehip Jam Features

Garisar Organic Rosehip Jam Features

Garisar Organic Rosehip Jam Features

To admit that, we remind some fruits and vegetables when we need them. Yet this text can change your lifestyle deeply! Because we will talk about some magical fruits now.

Garisar Organic Rosehip Jam, which is made from rosehip fruits grown in the Eastern Black Sea Mountains at an altitude of 2000, is a pure and natural alternative that contains all these fruits. But how? Let’s examine it together!

80% of its context is just rosehip!

Our rosehip jam is prepared without any kind of chemical ingredient and full pure, just by using traditional methods. So, it is so normal to contains just 80% of rosehip fruit! The other ingredients are just muscatel apple and lemon juice.

Rosehip Fruit

Rosehip, which is difficult to collect due to its thorny structure and growing on slopes, grows spontaneously in nature of Gümüşhane. Rosehip, which is collected in autumn and processed with traditional methods in the villages, is prepared to be the crown of the table.

Rosehip jam, which is as difficult to prepare as it is to pick process, and takes great effort, goes through many stages until it is made. The preparation of rosehip jam, which leaves a distinct taste on the palate with its taste, also goes through many steps. It reaches the consistency of passing through a cullender, and then we smash it with its own juice and extract the seeds after boiling rosehip for about 2 hours. After separating it from its seeds, we make same process for more few times to make it smoother. Then we boil the rosehip, which is removed the pulp, in boiler again.

Benefits of Rosehip Fruit

Rosehip Jam

Rosehip is a good source of phytochemicals including vitamins C and E, phenolics, carotenoids, organic acids and essential fatty acids. Even it is the richest fruit that contains C vitamin. Rosehip, which contains various vitamins and minerals, can help strengthen your body against infections and colds thanks to its rich vitamin ingredients as B vitamin, it is also effective in energy metabolism, nervous system, growth and development.

Muscatel Apple

Muscatel apple is a fruit that grow naturally in its own soil just like rosehip. We only use these small apples to sweeten our Garisar jam, although they are very rare. The most important feature of the muscatel tree than other fruit trees that is if it gives fruit one year, it does not produce the next year. One side of the fruit is red and the other one has a yellow to greenish color. It has a thin peel and a pleasant smell. Since, it is hard, durable and suitable for long-term storage. There are basically two types of apples. The smaller and sweeter one is called “muscatel.” The larger and grafted ones are called “squash apples.” Muscatel tree bears fruit quite late and does not yield before 8 – 10 years of age.

Thanks to the rich potassium that the muscatel apple, famous for its flavor, contains, it is known that it regulates blood pressure, avoids muscles to be strained, eases the delivery of nerve stimulation, helps vital organs, such as heart and kidney, work, and also has the potential of lowering cholesterol.

A musket apple, also rich in pulp, potassium, and antioxidants, stimulates the digestive system to strengthen the gastric mucosa. For those who diet, apples are the best fruit. It helps keep you in shape with its appetite-cutting feature. It also has a hematinic feature. Therefore, it is recommended for children of their growing age and patients to eat an apple once a day. We put the most natural and delicious version of fruit, which is full vitamins, in a jar. One jar of Garisar to meet your daily energy needs, is enough for anything!

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