Garisar’s Sweet Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste

Garisar’s Sweet Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste

The Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste is divine! It’s similar to Nutella but better! Roasting the hazelnuts imparts a delightful buttery and nut-rich flavor to this pure double-roasted hazelnuts paste.

Where does the flavor of the Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste come from?

Garisar picks the finest hazelnuts from orchards in Turkey, Giresun for its pure nut paste. Giresun is well-known for its hazelnuts. The nuts from Giresun are said to be the best in Turkish culture. Since 300 BC, hazelnuts have been farmed here. Eastern Roman knights are mentioned in legends. Giresun, the Black Sea, and the high mountains are all favorites of Hazelnut. Turkey has been cultivating hazelnuts for over 2300 years. Over the last 600 years, Turkey has exported hazelnuts to the rest of the world. 80,000 farmers farm the greatest grade hazelnuts in the world on 117,729 hectares of land throughout 13 provinces. Although hazelnut production exists in the Black Sea region in Ordu, Trabzon, and Rize, the world is yearning for “Giresun quality.” In addition, Giresun is home to the headquarters of FISKOBIRLIK, the world’s largest hazelnut organization. Mountains rising up to over 4000m parallel to the Black Sea in Northeastern Turkey create the ideal climate for hazelnuts to thrive. All rainwater from the Black Sea is contained, resulting in a lot of rain, retaining heat, and eliminating the need for irrigation. Turkey is the world’s leading producer of hazelnuts, accounting for 75% of global output. Every year, over one billion kilos of hazelnuts are exported, with a significant amount of these being blended into hazelnut cream or chocolate goods.

Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste

Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste with Natural Giresun Hazelnuts

The hazelnuts are picked when they are fully sunning ripe and stored in the ideal circumstances – away from light, temperature changes, or air – for a maximum of 12 months. They are shelled no more than 12 hours before roasting to preserve their essential oils and delicate, fruity flavors. After that, the hazelnuts are lightly roasted and carefully mashed into a pure, smooth, golden paste. Pure hazelnut paste has a strong hazelnut flavor with roasted notes and a gentle fruitiness. It is an excellent base for praline fillings with a very pure and powerful hazelnut flavor when combined with chocolate. This double roasted hazelnut paste is ready to use and can be mixed into an ice cream base to make hazelnut ice cream. We use natural hazelnuts in 80 percent of the recipe, and we use only powdered sugar made using traditional processes, with no additions or preservatives. It derives its original flavor from the highest quality Giresun Hazelnut, which has global renown. We only use powdered sugar to double the flavor and aroma, and we make Garisar’s Double Roasted Hazelnut Paste so you can experience natural hazelnuts without artificial flavors!

Hazelnut Health Benefits

Hazelnuts are both small, hard-shelled fruits and seeds. They contain a lot of energy and nutrients. Because of their high saturated and monounsaturated fat content, they are a good source of dietary fat. They are more healthful when ingested raw because roasting removes 15% of their fat content.

Raw hazelnuts have twice the antioxidant content of roasted hazelnuts. They can be added raw or roasted to dishes. Because of their high-fat content, they make excellent energy-dense snacks. Hazelnuts are an important part of a health-conscious diet since they are high in a range of beneficial compounds such as omega-3 fatty acids, arginine, fiber, vitamins E, B2, and B6, amino acids, and folic acid.

More hazelnuts in one’s diet can help one’s health in a variety of ways.

Hazelnuts can be used to make:

encourage bowel motions

lowering weight gain

defend against cellular damage

reduce cholesterol levels that are dangerous

insulin sensitivity improvement

help to maintain heart health

decreases inflammation

sperm count increase

Adding hazelnuts to one’s diet poses few dangers unless one has an allergy to them. They’re adaptable and make a quick snack.



The nuts should be stored in a cool, dry area. They can be stored in the shell for a few years if they are brought out often for fresh air and the ventilation and pests are constantly managed.

We sort our hazelnuts by size before delivering them and roast those that need to be roasted. The nuts are vacuum-packed for longer shelf life than kernels.


Purchase a traditional sweet Double Roasted Hazelnuts Paste Garisar brand that is made with the best hazelnuts in the world. The best hazelnuts are roasted, crushed, and caramelized before being combined with powdered sugar to create a sweet.

RICH HAZELNUT FLAVOUR – Our hazelnut paste has a buttery, rich, and nutty flavor due to the double roasting of the hazelnuts.

PREMIUM QUALITY – We use high-quality roasted hazelnuts to make our hazelnut paste.

Terrific FOR Morning – A great alternative to peanut butter, put this hazelnut paste over toast or add it to your oatmeal for breakfast.

FOR THE DESSERT LOVER – Add a delicious hazelnut flavor to ice cream or cake or cupcake icing with this hazelnut paste.

A DELICIOUS FILLING – This double roasted hazelnut paste can be used to flavor doughnut, chocolate, and macaron fillings.

Because there is no emulsifier in this product, the oil will rise to the top and the hazelnut mass will sink to the bottom. Stir thoroughly before using and store in a cool area to prevent oil separation.

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